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In these matters the only certainty is that there is nothing certain.
-- Pliny the Elder


And you may ask yourself, "WTF is going on here?"

You are most likely looking for my web log, Yet Another Web Site.

Then again, you may have stumbled upon this page looking for Drum and Bugle Corps information.


- Quote of the Day
- MST3K 0907 – Hobgoblins
- Last Week Tonight – S1 E6: FIFA, Syria & Tiananmen Square
- Bloomsday
- MST3K Short – Assignment: Venezuela
- 1984 (1956)
- Shine On
- Deep-Sea Mining
- Mmmm, Stir-Fried Macaroni with Drunkenness
- MST3K 0906 – The Space Children

Somewhere in Tenafly, New Jersey, a chiropractor is viewing
``Leave it to Beaver''!

- Recommended Reading
- Drums and Percussion
- Waffle Irons
- Boats

Storage B
- SCRUM: An Honest Ad
- Agile vs. Waterfall
- Delivering Safe C++
- Full Interview With the Creator of C++
- How To Regex
- Nightmare Fuel from Bing Image Creator
- We’re Safe
- Enjoy Your AI-generated Work
- Blue Tick Marks
- Toxic Development Culture

Drum & Bugle Corps
- Drum Corps World – June 2024
- Drum Corps World – May 2024
- Drum Corps World – April 2024
- Cadets Arts & Entertainment has filed for bankruptcy
- Drum Corps World – March 2024
- Anna Meredith Discusses Bluecoats on BBC Radio 3
- Drum Corps World – February 2024
- Drum Corps World – January 2024
- Drum Corps World – December 2023
- 2024 Drum Corps International Tour Schedule

Maritime Simulation News
- Simulators Track our Changing Relationship with Technology
- Japanese simulator centre opens for offshore training
- AR Simulator Added to Pilot Training at Smartship Australia
- Wärtsilä to supply simulator to NSB Group
- Rajnath Singh inaugurates Integrated Simulator Complex ‘Dhruv’
- VSTEP Further Expands to the Latin American Market with Inland Solution
- VSTEP Launches Simulator That Makes Ship Simulation Easily Accessible
- Kongsberg Wins Large Contract with South Metropolitan TAFE
- Wärtsilä Navigational Simulator becomes first Interactive ‘instructor-led’ cloud training solution to gain new DNV Class D Certification
- Panama Canal Authority Taps Kongsberg for New Navigation Simulators

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